Director of Research

Dr. Hubbard received his Ph.D. in Developmental and Clinical Psychology from the University of Minnesota where his focus of study was resilience under conditions of extreme stress. Jon has now been exploring the consequences of exposure to torture and massive trauma in cross-cultural populations for over 20 years. 

Over the past decade Jon has spent much of his time working internationally, helping the Center for Victims of Torture develop intervention programs for torture survivors in refugee camps and communities in Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Jordan. In addition, he has provided consultations on program development, counseling skills and program evaluation for existing torture treatment organizations in many other countries around the world. His contributions include developing measures and methodologies for studying the impact of torture and war trauma on survivors with a particular focus on how these traumatic events affect functional adaptation (e.g., spiritual, social, academic or job functioning). He has developed methodologies for creating clinical assessment and program evaluation tools that have utility across diverse cultures and contexts, integrate both qualitative and quantitative methods and can be implemented by program or local staff who may not have research training or experience.


We heal victims of torture through unique services and professional care worldwide.

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We advocate for the protection & care of torture survivors and an end to torture.

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