National Training Initiatives

Through the National Capacity Building Project and, we’re sharing our knowledge and experience with others and bringing together experts in the field so even more torture survivors can receive the care they need.

National Capacity Building Project

The National Capacity Building Project (NCB) focuses on building networks of rehabilitation centers and service providers, fostering knowledge-sharing and relationship-building among colleagues in the field, and providing expert professional training and technical assistance.

We fill a gap where no other training exists for torture treatment professionals by focusing on:

  • Clinical skills and best practices
  • Organizational development and fundraising
  • Program management
  • Data collection and program evaluation

This webinar, featuring CVT International Services Clinical Advisor Paul Orieny, PhD, LMFT, discusses the importance of, and some approaches to, couples therapy with survivors of torture.

Case Management 101 is a video mini-course on the fundamentals of providing case management services to survivors of torture, designed specifically for case managers who are not trained social workers.

NCB recently launched Roadmap to Evaluation, digitally curated evaluation resources on  This section serves as a step-by-step guide for torture rehabilitation centers that are at all stages of working with data – from setting up an evaluation system to reporting on measured outcomes.  The goal is to help centers show the impact of their work and communicate that with funders and donors in more meaningful ways. serves as a rich repository of information related to torture survivors and their treatment and healing.  Through webinar trainings, professional journal articles and publications, bibliographies, treatment manuals, and other online resources, the site hosts a wealth of valuable information intended for psychologists and various therapists, social workers, physicians and nurses, lawyers, and administrators.   The website also serves as a portal to other centers and organizations that work with and support survivors of torture. recently updated the medical information available to primary care providers (PCPs) especially for family doctors, internists, nurse practitioners and physician assistants.  Other staff members in medical settings such as nurses and medical assistants can also facilitate survivors’ healing.  Survivors frequently present to gynecologists (due to genital trauma, pelvic pain etc), cardiologists (persistent chest pain), gastroenterologists (persistent abdominal pain) and neurologists (intractable headaches and history of traumatic brain injury). Many survivors have gotten great relief of symptoms from physical therapists and practitioners of yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The NCB Project is funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Office of Refugee Resettlement. Many of the NCB participating centers are also members of the National Consortium of Torture Treatment Programs. is funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Office of Refugee Resettlement and administered by CVT.


We heal victims of torture through unique services and professional care worldwide.

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We advocate for the protection & care of torture survivors and an end to torture.

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