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2012 Annual Report for the Center for Victims of Torture.pdf

Healing the Hurt: A Guide for Developing Services for Torture Survivors ($20.00)
Developed for practitioners who may or may not have worked previously with torture survivors, Healing the Hurt is a multidisciplinary guide that addresses some basic considerations when working with this population. The manual is available for download by chapter.

Healing the Hurt: Introduction
Healing the Hurt: Chapter 1
Healing the Hurt: Chapter 2
Healing the Hurt: Chapter 3
Healing the Hurt: Chapter 4
Healing the Hurt: Chapter 5
Healing the Hurt: Chapter 6
Healing the Hurt: Chapter 7
Healing the Hurt: Chapter 8
Healing the Hurt: Appendix

Healing the Hurt - Korean (18 MB)
Thank you to the Gwangju Trauma Center in South Korea for translating Healing the Hurt.

Helping Refugee Trauma Survivors in the Primary Care Setting
This manual was written for primary health care providers who may be treating refugees or other survivors of war trauma and torture. Primary care physicians and providers often must identify and educate survivors before encouraging them to seek mental health services, if appropriate. The manual includes assessment questions for health care providers to ask patients and facilitate the treatment process.

Download the complete manual*

New Tactics in Human Rights: A Resource for Practitioners
Written for human rights practitioners, the workbook explains in detail the tactics used by human rights organizations. The core of the book is 100 stories gathered from around the world and across numerous sectors about innovative human rights work. The workbook includes worksheets and exercises to help readers adapt the tactics to their own situations. The workbook is available for purchase from the New Tactics Web site.

My Name is…Stories and Art by Young Refugees in Minnesota Schools ($5.00 each)
Developed for teachers to increase their understanding of refugee student experiences or to be used with mainstream students to increase their awareness of their peers’ experiences. It can also be used by trained professionals in their work with refugee youth to help refugee students see that they are not alone in their experiences.

Download the book (PDF)

Rebuilding Communities: Training Trauma Survivors to Help Communities Heal After Atrocities
The Center for Victims of Torture instituted an intensive training and a supervision model for refugees to develop local ability for providing understanding and skills for mental health support to rebuild communities after massive human rights atrocities. Devastating wars in every region of world have created a massive number of refugees and internally displaced people who have witnessed or been victims of horrible human rights atrocities. This notebook may provide tactical ideas to those assisting these communities trying to rebuild their lives.

Rebuilding Communities: Training Trauma Survivors to Heal Communities After Atrocities (PDF)

Global War and Violence
Curriculum for social work instructors who wish to prepare their students for working with torture survivors and survivors of war trauma.

Global War and Violence - Body (PDF)
Global War and Violence - Appendices (PDF)
Global War and Violence - Resources (PDF)

We Will Work Hard: A Guide for Employers of Refugee Newcomers ($5.00)
Information to assist employers in understanding the challenges and opportunities facing them as they employ newly arriving refugee populations to Minnesota and elsewhere. $5.00 (includes shipping and handling) or available below.

Download the manual (PDF)

Finding and Keeping a Job ($5.00)
Helpful information and resources for newly arrived refugee and asylum seeking populations in Minnesota.

Download the manual (PDF)

DVD: From Terror to Healing ($10 for Parts 1 and 2)
Part 1: Overview of Political Torture Today (31 minutes)
This Telly award-winning video overview includes the legal definition of torture, how torture is practiced and why, the highest risk population, aftereffects, assessment and treatment options and the history of the torture rehabilitation movement. The presenters are three clinicians who have worked extensively with torture survivors: a psychiatrist, a physician and a psychologist.

Part 2: The Torture Survivor's Perspective (28 minutes)
Two torture survivors and a Bosnian medical interpreter describe their experiences with torture, the aftereffects and their first experiences with the U.S. Healthcare system. Included are suggestions to healthcare providers for effective engagement. (Winner of Videographer Award of Distinction, 2001)

Download the From Terror to Healing Study Guide (PDF)

View From Terror to Healing Part I on YouTube

View From Terror to Healing Part II on YouTube

DVD: Healing and the Pursuit of Justice: Challenging Sexual Assault as a Weapon of War ($10.00)
This 34-minute DVD provides information on the situation of women in war and its aftermath. It will be useful for primary care providers, therapists and staff in refugee camps who work with survivors of sexual torture and human rights advocates. It includes an introduction to the issue, effects on women and efforts to prevent sexual assault and to hold perpetrators responsible.

View Healing and the Pursuit of Justice on YouTube


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